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Welcome to Powell.AI

Written by Dylan Powell on January 1, 2024

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Lao Tzu


Hey guys! I’m Dylan, and today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter that I can’t wait to share with you.

A little bit about me

For the past decade I’ve had a corporate career at a major investment management firm where I focused on investment data, analytics, and technology.

During that time I’ve also learned modern technology skills such as web development and generative AI, I’ve started multiple web-based businesses, and I’ve also grown a sports-related twitter (X) account to 50,000+ followers and hundreds of millions of impressions.

However also during that time, I did not spend much time building my public profile by creating content publicly (except for the sports content on Twitter, of course).

Powell.AI: what and why?

We stand at the brink of a technology and business revolution that’s reshaping our world. In this era, the power of individual creators and small teams is unprecedented. Modern technology enables us to build scalable businesses, reach vast audiences, and make a significant impact all by ourselves.

This website and platform is the beginning of my journey to to dive into this field head-first, build projects in public, and enter the creator economy. I’m on a mission to document my experiences transparently, from learning new skills and building out projects to sharing my accumulated knowledge and stacking these skills over time.

What to Expect from My Content

My focus is two-fold: Modern Technology and Modern Business.

  1. Modern technologies include things like developing and designing beautiful websites, leveraging generative AI tools like Chat GPT to build faster and more intelligently, and utilizing cloud data technologies like Snowflake to scale to infinity.

  2. Modern business includes things like leveraging the internet and social media to build a personal brand, developing a content creation process and framework that consistently provides value to an audience, and building authority and trust with that audience while doing something that you love.

As I journey through these areas, building my own projects and learning through trial and error, I’ll be sharing every step with you. From success stories to challenges faced, the lessons learned will be laid out openly, offering insights and reflections that I hope will be invaluable to you.

Join Me on This Adventure

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See you out there,