About Me

Who is Dylan Powell?

A little bit about me and what Im trying to accomplish with this site.

Hi, I'm Dylan.

In my decade-long corporate career at a major investment management firm, I've developed an extensive skillset in data, analytics, and technology. However, despite always being an avid learner, I've never built my own projects in public or documented my journey.

Now, this site is a pivotal step toward changing that, as it reflects my transition from a private learner to a public creator. Here, I embrace the motto LEARN. BUILD. SHARE. STACK. which is a commitment to openly document my experiences in learning new skills, building out projects, sharing my knowledge with others, and stacking my skills over time to create new opportunities.

I deeply believe that we are at the beginning of a technology and business revolution right now, where solo-creators and small teams can leverage modern technology to build scalable businesses that can reach millions of people. My content focus is going to reflect this as I learn and grow in this new creator economy.

On this site I will be creating content on Modern Technology such as generative AI, the data cloud, and web development; and Modern Business such as the creator economy, distribution networks, and building a personal brand. I'll also be sharing my lessons learned as I grow in this space and build out my own projects.

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